Saturday, October 30, 2010

At that time it was his first phone call from prison

Through lengthy phone calls with prison personnel, I arranged for a telephone call with Charles. At that time, it was his first phone call from prison. He tried denying he had sent me a letter and tried to say it was from another inmate. Eventually, he opened up.

OPERATOR: I have a collect call for Bill Dakota from Charles Manson, will you accept the call?


Guard: Okay, Charles.



M: I can hardly hear you.

D: Well, maybe it's a bad connection.

M: Yeh.

D: How are you doing?

M: Okay. How you doing?

D: Pretty good.

M: Look here, I don't wanna...did you get Kishore's letter?

D: Yeh.

M: What I don't wanna do is get involved in no more publicty. You see, I know that's your game, publicity, right?

D: Right.

M: That's what's kept me locked down, kept me from getting to the main line. Now if I can get to the main line, then it's possible I might be able to help you with that book you want to write. Do you want to write a book?

D: Well, I'm going to do a story but I don't know about a book.

M: Well, what story do you want?

D: Some of the stuff you wrote about about. Something like that, you know?

M: In Kishore's letter?

D: Yeh.

M: Well, that was a mistake that came to you. That was a joke. I had sent that to him along with a lot of other letters. He's been writing to people in Australia, people in Canada, people in England, Germany, all over. And he's been handling a big part of the mail, see, and helping me with this air and water project I got goin'.

D: What project is that?

M: Well, see when I was out there in the desert the last time, there was some flowers dying out there and I sat in a cell and I got to thinking that the bees that feed on them flowers died & nobody notices that see, because everybody's going back and forth to work and they're doing other jobs, see? Well, the job that needs to be done, nobody's on these jobs because they don't pay no money. The reason they don't pay no money is nobody even knows that they need to be done. Like when I was in the desert, I found this old fat rat in the water flow and it was contaminating the water. So, I had to go and clean the water up & take all of the trash out of the water, fix the water, come down and plant a few seeds, you dig? And pick up the air and water balance. Clean the water all the way to the ocean. That's why all of those whales are jumping on land. Cause the ocean's getting so bad, they can't live in it. You spend 150 years building a motor mind, building all that pollution, you can't just turn that pollution off cause people got to have that to live. They need motors for supermarkets, schools, churches. All them different things that society uses. But, at the same time, they've got to clean up that pollution. You know we've had our lives up for the last ten years and nobody wants to hear about it. See what I'm saying? It's got to be done, if we are to live on this earth.

D: So, how are you doing now?

M: Oh, pretty good. I've been writing a lot of letters and...walking.

D: I talked with Mr. George (the prison program director)

M: Yeh.

D: And he said somebody mailed you a television set with a video-recorder.

M: Right.

D: Did he tell you about it?

M; Yeh, and he won't let me have it.

D: I'm going to write to the Governor and see if I can get it for you.

M: I told the property man today, that I was going to send it back.

D: Well, you should try to get it, because even if you don't use the video tape recorder....

M: Let me tell you what happened, OK? Some dummy out here on the main line wanted to impress some women. So, he got a tape recorder and he's play acting Daddy for her, you dig what I'm saying? And he tape recorded one of the guard's conversations and that put that thought on the bad side of the guards. And they think someone else may do that. You know?

D: Yeh, but I think this is a video recorder, that's what I understood.

M: No, no. What it is, is a portable JVC, it's a radio, television, cassette player trip. What I originally wanted it for was to dictate letters because I can't spell cat. And my mind's not the same as your mind. You went to school. I didn't go to school. I didn't get past the third grade. But, that doesn't make me stupid. I'm not smart in your ways, you know, like money and ideas and stuff like that. I'm dumb in your ways, but in my ways--you know, like jail, you know jail right? You've been to jail before. So, you know me, I'm out on the handball court..I'm just trying to get to the main line where I can walk around and impress the fellas, bullshit a little bit and rap without all of this fear and this God damned paranoia they've created, and pushed off on me.

D: George is trying to help you.

M: I know that love.

D: Because he's leaving your unit soon.

M: Who's leaving?

D: George. He's going to another unit.

M: Yeh.

D: And he's going to try to get you transferred and try it for a week or two and if there aren't any problems you'll be all set, you know?

M: Do you have any friends in that spot?

D: No, I don't know anybody there.

M: Well, if I go, you've got one then, huh?

D: Okay.

M: You know what it's worth don't you? You know what a brother's worth? Your brother's your life ain't it? See, I was out there once and I looked back and seen my brothers in here, you dig it, and I seen the children out there and I thought God damn, you know, somebody's got to fix this, you know? Somebody's got to be right--here, you know? I asked George for this thing and he gave me permission to get it, then when it got in, he changed his mind, then he said I could and then he said I couldn't. And I told him, look all a man is, is his word. I'm not a tough guy. I can't beat you up and make you tell the truth. If you can't respect your job enough to tell the God damned truth without a fucking lot of bullshit, you dig what I'm saying? Then don't play act around me. It's a simple thing. I'm not saying I'm big or bad or tougher than anybody. Look, I'm a little teenie shit.

D: I called him last night and I said why all the red tape? You know, I've been trying to call and he wants to call and he said, "Okay, I'll just by-pass all the other stuff and give him permission."

M: Well the last nine years they have dumped everything on me. See, when I got out last time, I didn't have all the publicity. You see I already walked twenty-two years off before I hit the street the last time. You see what I'm saying? In other words..I already dreamed out of this thought in 1967. That's what I tried to tell the Judge, but he was so much smarter than me, he wouldn't listen to what I had to say, see. That's why Nixon fell off the top. If Nixon would have been up on his stuff....

D: Did you know Jerry Rubin and Abby Hoffman?

M: Yeh, Jerry Rubin. The guys who said, "Raise up and do it right now. Take a knife and go home and kill your Mother and Dad," all that kind of stuff? I got the blame for all that. That's why I am so mad see. In other words, I didn't tell them kids to do nothing, (referring to to the Tate killings), I said, do what you wanna do but don't get me busted. In other words, I don't care what you do, that's your business. I'm not a policeman. I'm an outlaw. So what they did, had nothing to do with me. Just don't go lying with me and messing with me and I won't go messing with you. It's the same law I live by in jail. It's just common sense. That's what the Judge should have been up on, but he wasn't up on it. He was up on the dollar bill, see. He was looking at all that money and I tried to explain to him, what good is all that money if you've got no water or no air? It's not just the local project of cleaning up the swimming pools, you see what Im saying? It's hundreds of years of abusing this land. It's not just a few years. It's a hundred years, piled so high that if a man don't start paying that debt back..into the earth balance, there isn't going to be nothing left.

D: When did you get into this ecology thing?

M: I've been into it all along. That's why Blue is called blue, she is for the air and water. Red is called red because she is for the world life. Green is called green because she is for the green things of the earth. But everyone got her and played her off into a rainbow and stuck her into a save the whale mission, you dig? Somebody else stuck somebody else off and pretty soon everybody's doing so many different things, nobody's doing nothing. Does that make sense?

D: Yeh.

M: So, they won't let me communicate. George thinks he's real keen or cool by keeping me from people I know. He don't realize they work for the same world he works for. Does that communicate? I don't have nothing against nobody. Everybody gets what they deserve.

D: George has other people to answer to, he's part of that little thing, you know? Like he's got people above him....

M: Look. Look. I've been in a penitentiary all my life. I know who's up above him and who tells him what to do. I understand he's got laws and regulations and rules to live by. All I'm trying to get him to do, Bill, is to live by his own laws and regulations and rules to live by. If you don't live by your laws, how do you expect criminals to live by theirs? Everybody's got to live by the law, or nobody lives by the law. That's what I told the Judge, I said, "Look here, son. If you don't realize that it's a unified thing. It isn't just one guy trying to get over for something. I don't want no money or anything. All I'm trying to do is clean up my earth and my children, for me. And, I see that's life on earth. Now as many people as you want to get into there, is okay with me. I don't deny nobody living. Why do they deny me? I never hurt nobody. I never killed nobody. I told that Judge that I could have proved to him in that court, that I never broke the law. I told him that and he said, "Well, we can't cheat these people out of their entertainment." "I'm not trying to entertain you," and I said, "it's going ot be bigger than entertainment. I'm trying to tell them something...

D: I think Tex.....

M: (Interrupted by the guard) Bill, I've only got one minute left, go on now.

D: I think Tex Watson's book is what hurt you but that's neither here nor there now. You said something in your last letter, you were mentioning people...

M: Yeh.

D: You said something about Nancy Sinatra's daughter,

M: Oh yeh. She was at a party.

D: Which daughter?

M: I don't know. See, I've never been impressed by them people. I've been in all those people's houses. They are just other people to me. Nobody impresses me. How are you going to impress me? I'm impressed by kindness. I'm impressed by truth and harmony. You see what I'm saying?

D: Yeh. Then what you put in your letters is true?

M: What?

D: Whatever you write to me is true, right?

M: Look here, Bill. I went this far with the truth. If I lie now I'm pot bound. I can't take a chance on lying now. In other words, my kid's life depends on that. I'm working for my child. Because I feel that a man's love is for his child.

D: Where's your son now?

M: (interrupted by guard)..I've got to go now Bill

D: I'll write you later.

M: Easy now.

It is common knowledge today that Manson does have a son. The last I heard, it is rumored that a drummer in a Hollywood group band, is Manson's son. (Note: A Los Angeles disc jockey now says he has learned that he is Manson's son.)

Manson was into ecology thirty or more years ago. And what he said about Jane Fonda, getting into three way sex, was proven to be true by her own book. Manson seems to be telling the truth and isn't so dumb after all.

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